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Name:Nathan Petrelli
Birthdate:Aug 13
Nathan Petrelli is an ambitious, driven man, focused on a successful career in politics. He served in the Navy as a pilot, serving missions in Bosnia, Rwanda, and Sudan, and more recently worked in NY's District Attorney's office, and has had to deal with drawbacks.

Namely his family. Like his mother (Angela)'s cries for attention by stealing, and his dreamer of a brother, Peter. And his late father, who finally died from repeated suicide attempts (Their father's biggest client was Mr. Linderman, a noted businessman with mob ties. Nathan was since been making contact with him for campaign funds. Linderman blackmailed him by having Niki Sanders sleep with him on tape. But Nathan got him back some by being able to demand double the amount of money so he can win.) Trying to raise two sons (Elder named Simon, and the younger is Monty), and supporting his disabled wife, Heidi. Result of an accident six months back where he was driving, and their car was attacked by somebody. Nathan's fight or flight impulse went literally on the latter, resulting him hovering the air. Panicking and helpless as his car with his wife still trapped there, ploughed into the side of the road.

And since six months ago, there's been other complications.

He can fly. (sub sonic speeds even. He's left contrails and can now carry people with him)

And there's mysterious men after him who seem to know of this. One who wears Horn-Rimmed Glasses. And before that, he's warned by a geneticist named Prof. Suresh who seems to know a great deal about unusual abilities.

More recently, there's been other complications. Like worrying about his brother, Peter, and his visions of exploding, and destroying half the city. A previously unknown member of the family, his daughter Claire, who had been assumed dead, only to have been adopted. Now tracking her birth parents down.

He won the election by a landslide (Thank you Micah), but he didn't stay there long. The explosion happened (No thanks to you, Peter), and he saved his brother and the city, but ended up a crispy critter in a hospital bed for some months. (And inbetween in the bar). Some healing blood transfer got him on his feet, (Thank you Adam). But then he fell hard, losing almost everything including himself for a time.

He spent some time getting himself back together, searching for his missing brother, trying to clear his mother's name for a murder she didn't commit (though he's yet to learn of the ones she has), and eventually trying to bring down a Company full of secrets.

Two bullets to the chest later (No thanks to you, _______) and Nathan's currently dead in the bar for the time being.

Milliways - canon wise he's around end of Volume 4.

Trans 9 - Also post Powerless, but even if he was shot, it's likely gone or been repaired.

Nathan Petrelli is from Heroes, and is the property of Tim Kring, NBC Networks, and Universal. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [info]milliways_bar, [info]trans_9, and [info]sixwordstories, as well as guest appearances in Mixed Muses from which no profit whatsoever is being made.
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